Selling Your WordPress Website

When you are selling a WordPress site, there are some important steps to take. You don’t want them to have a password or an email address that you might have also used on another blog.

Backup your Database. (name it “first backup”)

Change your WordPress admin password to something very secure and very different from what you were using.

Create a new email based on the domain ([email protected] ) and then change the admin email to that address.

Remove any other users created that are no longer necessary.

Remove any unused or extra plugins.

Remove any unused themes.

Backup up your database again. (name it “before revision remove”)

Delete all Revisions.

“DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = “revision”;”

Backup your database again (name it “after revision remove”)

Check your WordPress database to see if any plugins left any tables behind, and delete them. Once you have done that, go make sure your WordPress install is all still working ( that you didn’t mistakenly remove a table you needed).

Now backup up your database again. (name it “final backup”).

If you did change the email address in the 2nd step, do a search/replace on your “final” backup file for it, replacing it with the newly created address based on the domain. ([email protected] )

Now download the entire the site locally.

Open up the wp-config.php file and remove your database name, username, and password.

Now, zip the files up along with the database backup file and send it off to the new owner.