Frugal/Catalyst Theme Review

No more wasting my time searching for the right theme to use. I have found the end-all theme that is now my go-to theme for whichever flavor site I am building.

I am sure many of you follow the same process I would follow when starting a new website.

1. Have an idea for a new site.
2. Install and configure WordPress and install plug-ins.
3. Search for the perfect theme.

Now number 3 would always take lots of web searching, downloading, installing, activating, removing, over and over, no theme ever seemed to be just right.

Frugal OptionsThen I found the Frugal Theme. I found I can really make this theme into any look and feel I want all from within WordPress. Just about every single detail can be changed with a few clicks. It also has SEO built right in (which eliminates the need for SEO).

I have discovered that the more I use and dig into the frugal theme the more powerful it becomes. You will find out that Frugal is actually much much more than just a WordPress theme.

Are you tired of searching for the right theme? Get the Frugal Theme, you will not regret it!